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The 1st day

On the first day all of the participants in the project gathered in the Bulgarian school where we started with an opening speech from the Bulgarian teachers.

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The 1st day

Then we continued with a Biology presentation from the Portuguese teacher about DNA. And after that we did ice breaking activities with the Croatian teacher in which everubody had to say something special about themselves.Next we had lunch and we had a tour around Sofia.

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Trip to Sandanski

On the second day we took off to Sandanski but before that we stopped in the smallest town in Bulgaria - Melnik.We looked around and then we continued our trip to Sandanski.

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Trip to Sandanski

After dinner, the representatives of every country showed their traditional dance.

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Trip to Sandanski

On the next day we had a tour around Sandanski after which we went to the Rila monastery.

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4th day

On the 4th day we started out with a seminar about dyslexia. We continued with creating e-portfolios. And after that we had the Romanian workshop which included making wind mills out of paper and wooden sticks which were given to us and we had to complete the task in 60 minutes.

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5th day

On Friday we started with the Croatian workshop in which we had to write a letter as a student with a disability to teachers, telling them about that disabilty, the symptoms, needs, etc. And then we had a Polish workshop and we had to play games connected with their culture.

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Opinion about the portfolio

In our opinion it was not the easiest thing to do but it was pretty interesting.

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Inclusive education


Inclusive education is important because every student has equall rights for education , despite there differences.


It would be best to use  audiobooks, more videos , entertaining presentations, smart phones or computer to make lessons easier and more entertaining for all students especially for those with special needs.


It's important for teachers and students to learn how to deal with inclusive education because all children have equal rights. It's great that  nowadays this topic is more talked about and that there are projects like SNIDeR so that everyone would know what inclusive education is all about and what it's goals are.

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Home: Team Members

Inclusive education is important because every student has equall rights for education , despite there differences.

SNIDeR- We can do better!

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